At the Grand Hotel in Kennebunk, Maine

Rosella in its Kennebunk residence is an extension of Rosella in the East Village. Rosella was founded on the principle to nurture the uniquely interconnected relationships that make up our ecosystem. Our team utilizes their vast knowledge from previous kitchen careers to create seasonal menus that feature fan favorites and newer items with regionally focused wine lists.

The food at Rosella highlights often overlooked, domestic species with an emphasis on sustainability, offering locally caught fish and shellfish. Some species come from sustainable farms, and others are wild-caught through methods with minimal environmental impact. This means avoiding unsustainable bycatch and methods such as large-scale dredging that damage reefs and the sea floor. Rosella looks to buy from inland farms whenever possible, using recirculating aquaculture systems, while any offshore farms we source from must feature low-density growth.

Dining at Rosella